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The point of contact for students interested in sustainability at ETH.


What SSC was up to in 2022💚

As a commission dedicated to promoting sustainability at ETH Zurich, we are excited to share our accomplishments and initiatives from the past year. Our efforts include collaborating with various organizations and departments to advance sustainability practices on campus, supporting events such as the Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich, and implementing innovative sustainability projects. We hope this report highlights the progress we’ve made and inspires continued action towards a more sustainable future.

Looking forward to 2023!


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Events Overview

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Contact us!

  • info@ssc.ethz.ch  for general inquiries
  • events@ssc.ethz.ch  to reach our Events team
  • development@ssc.ethz.ch  to reach our University Development team
  • communication@ssc.ethz.ch  to reach our Communication team
  • outreach@ssc.ethz.ch  to reach our Outreach team


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Come meet us! 🤝

Our office is located at ETH CAB, office E14. Shoot us an email before-hand to make sure one of us will be there when you drop by. 

We also host weekly office hours at the Student Project House (SPH, Zentrum) on Tuesdays from 1pm to 4pm. Next dates: March 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.