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  • Mirror COP27

  • Date: 08.11-18.11.22
  • Location: Across ETH

The SSC is bringing COP27 to you, with two weeks of events to learn, reflect, and engage. From November 8th to 18th, an event will be held every day, each focusing on a different topic related to sustainability. For those of you who don’t know what COP is, join us on Nov. 8th for an introductory event! Post-COP we will be hosting a debrief event, as well as a workshop by Psychologists for Future. For the detailed program, check out our dedicated website.




  • Sustainable career lunch – Data Edition 

  • Date: 01.12.2022
  • Time: 12:15-14:00
  • Location: CLA J 1
  • Sylke Gruhnwald is a reporter focusing on the intersection of data, technology and feminism. Amongst others, she co-founded Hacks / Hackers Zurich and (together with her teams) won several awards for different investigations.
Join us for an informal lunch (bring your food!) & don’t forget to register here.



  • Workshop: Coping with Unpleasant Climate Emotion

  • Date: 05.12.2022
  • Time: 18:30-21:30
  • Location: HG E 41

    Registration link: https://forms.gle/GJ1myBCshtMsgxAG7

    When we wake up to the crisis of our ecology and our entire system, and experience the lack of appropriate global and individual action (as shown again in COP27), a variety of emotions can come up – including fear, despair, sorrow, anger, numbness, shame or guilt. We often don’t allow ourselves to feel those emotions or share them with others. Yet experiencing them is a necessary, healthy response to the state of our world. As Joanna Macy put it: “Of all the dangers we face, from climate chaos to nuclear war, none is so great as the deadening of our response.’” How can we face our grief, anger and sadness, and use it as a fuel for positive efforts? This workshop offers a safe space to experience our emotions and explore ways to let them transform into courage, strength and a renewed sense of purpose. The workshop will include guided explorations to come into relationship with ourselves, with gravity, ground and breathing, and to come to share and listen with the heart.

  • What to bring?

    Please bring a yoga mattress and comfortable clothes. If you don’t have a yoga mattress & if you roommate can’t lend you one, please reach out and we’ll try to find a solution together

Past Events


  • Talk about Ecosystems and Biodiversity by Prof. Dr. Loïc PellissierProfessor

  • Date: 28.11.2022
  • Time: 18:30
  • Location: HG D 3.2

    Prof. Loïc Pellissier, head of the Ecosystems and Landscape Evolution group at ETHZ, will talk about the underlying mechanisms driving long-term changes of ecosystems and the biodiversity landscape. The talk is targeted at the public and aims at making these topics accessible to everyone interested. It will include insights about historically observed changes, ecosystems we see today, and how anthropogenic factors impact large ecosystems in the future.

  • Wissenschaf(f)t Zukünfte, Transformative Science Workshop

  • Date: 03.11.2022
  • Time: 18:30
  • Location: ETH HG E 33.1

Jan Freihardt from Wissenschaf(f)t Zukünfte will lead a workshop about transformative science, which describes the socio-economic transformations of our societies. Sign up HERE and discover more about it.

  • Movie Screening – Breaking Boundaries: The Science behind Our Planet 

  • Date: 02.11.2022
  • Time: 18:30
  • Location: ETH HG E 33.1

The SSC will screen the 2021 documentary film “Breaking Boundaries: The Science behind Our Planet” starring David Attenborough. The film explains how we humans are pushing Earth beyond its natural boundaries, destabilizing long-term ecosystems. The film closely follows the scientific journey of Johan Rockström and his team’s discoveries. Come by for a cozy movie night including popcorn!

13.10.2022, 18:15 pm (LFO B 14) – SSC Tofu Workshop

On the 13.10.2022, starting at 18:15 pm, join SSC to find out about the science behind tofu production, and learn how to make your own tofu at home! Sign up here.

25.10.2022 – Serious Game Evening with the Climate Fresk

Join a fun and collaborative workshop with the Climate Fresk on the 25th of October from 18:30-21:30 at HG F 33.5! The Climate Fresk is a ‘serious game’ highlighting the causes and consequences of climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity, whose content is taken from IPCC reports.

Sign-up link.

    • SSC x Planted 

    • Date: 21.09.2022
    • Time: 11:30 am – 13:30 pm
    • Location: ETH, Polyterrasse

On the 21.09.2022, 11:30 am – 13:30 pm, SSC will be on the Polyterrasse together with the Planted food truck! Come by, meet SSC and with a little luck you can win one of ten golden tickets for a free meal sponsored by Planted. If you don’t win a ticket, you can still buy delicious kebab and learn more about Planted’s sustainable products!

    • Round-table on Decolonizing Ecology and the Environmental Sciences
      • Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2022
      • Time: 18:30
      • Location: SAE greenhouse (Häldeliweg 19, 8044 Zürich)

Members of the Student Sustainability Commission (SSC), the African Students Association of Zurich (ASAZ), and Decolonize Zurich cordially invite you to engage in a round-table on the topic of Decolonizing Ecology and the Environmental Sciences. Starting from short presentations by Prof. Elizabeth Tilley (D-MAVT) and Prof. Kenza Benabderrazik (D-USYS), the aim will be to discuss, reflect, and further the exchange of ideas on inclusion in ecology and research in the environmental sciences. Note that the audience will be limited to 20 participants, so please register here.

  • Title: Effective Careers in Sustainability
  • Date: Tue, May 17, 18:30 
  • Loc: HG D 5.2


You will spend around 80,000 hours working over the course of your career, and deciding what to do with this time can be overwhelming. This talk will explore recent research on prioritization within climate change work, and frame the arguments for why certain career paths are more impactful than others. By thinking about the impact your career can have, we will define what it means to have an effective career in sustainability, and possible ways to approach this.

  • ETH Sustainability Initiatives Summit
    • When: Tuesday, May 10, 18:30
    • Where: HG E 5


The SSC is not the only initiative working on making ETH and the World more sustainable. Join the SSC’s first ETH Sustainability Initiatives Summit, where 14 sustainability initiatives from or related to ETH will present themselves in less than 5 minutes each, and talk to them at the following apero.

  • Talk: Climate and the Law (with Dr. Corina Heri)
    • When: Wednesday, May 4, 18:30
    • Where: HG E 1.2 


The tension between climate change and law has gained enormous importance in recent years – not least, for example, due to the climate lawsuit against Shell in May 2021 and the preparations for the EU’s Green Deal. In her talk, lawyer Dr. Corina Heri (UZH) will explain this topic in more detail from a legal perspective

  • Alternatives to Animal Experimentation
  • Date: March 29th, 18:30 pm
  • Location: HG D 5.2


 In this talk, Dr. Miriam Zemanova will talk about animal testing methods and their alternatives. How many animal experiments are there per year and why? What is the “3Rs principle”? Which alternatives exist and where are they already used? Can they completely replace animal testing? For up-to-date information on the event, visit http://ssc.ethz.ch/events/.

  • Title: Healthy vegan diet
  • Date: April 27th, 18:30 pm
  • Location: HG E5 or online


In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of plant-based diets. During this event Dr. Laura Hackl will talk about vegan diet and explain how it should look like in order to be healthy.



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