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Introducing our “Vision 2030” – Our Ideas for becoming a Sustainable University!

One year after we started, we’re thrilled to unveil our “Vision 2030”. Join us on a journey towards a more sustainable university and become part of this change. Discover our vision and ideas for a greener campus, including sustainability in education, student engagement and participation.

Access the document here: Vision 2030

Contact us via development@ssc.ethz.ch if you are interested to join our projects!

🌞 Upcoming in HS 2023 🌞

Mirror COP 28

Join us in eight events during HS 2023!

The 28th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP28) will be held in Dubai in December 2023. It serves as a platform for policy makers from all over the world to discuss measures against the climate crisis. And Big Oil will be there, too. We from SSC at ETH are hosting a mirror version of the COP28 this year to discuss the COP28 process and enable you to act efficiently against the climate crisis. Through events before, during, and after COP 28, participants will have the opportunity to engage with important topics related to the COP process. To find out more, visit our events page.

Use this opportunity to learn more about COP and the climate crisis. Meet people with similar interests and broaden your network. We will be happy to host you for the Mirror COP 28!

AI + Environment Summit

We’re excited to announce the upcoming AI + Environment Summit on November 10th at the ETH AI Center in Zurich. The summit is dedicated to driving the fusion of cutting-edge AI technologies with environmental initiatives, and we’re seeking contributions that inspire, ignite, and innovate our collective work in this field.

🌿 CALL FOR POSTERS: Have you been working on a research project, case study, or innovative initiative that leverages AI for environmental solutions? We invite you to share your findings, ideas, and inspirations with a diverse audience of researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts. Selected posters will be showcased throughout the summit, providing a platform for in-depth discussions and potential collaborations.

🍀 CALL FOR WORKSHOPS: Are you passionate about a specific topic in the domain of AI and environment? Do you have hands-on techniques, best practices, or groundbreaking methods you’d like to teach or discuss? Propose a workshop and lead a session to impart your knowledge, engage with attendees, and foster a deeper understanding of the subject.

Submission Guidelines: For Posters: Abstract (up to 300 words), a draft or outline of the poster, and key takeaways. For Workshops: Topic description, key objectives, intended audience, and estimated duration.

Important Dates: Submission Deadline: October 15, 2023; Notification of Acceptance: October 20, 2023; Summit Date: November 10.

To submit your proposal, please visit our submission platform or for more information, check our official summit website at summit.biodivx.org.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your work, engage with a global community, and be a part of the movement that leverages AI technology to create a sustainable future for our planet. We look forward to your contributions and to seeing you in Zurich this November!


External Resources

Guideline for Sustainable Events by ETH Sustainability

Do you want to organize an event but you don’t know how to keep it sustainable? Worry no more! All you need can be found here.

(mainly aimed at organisers of conferences, congresses, fairs and exhibitions at ETH locations)

Sustainability Course Catalogue

Do you want to know more about sustainability-related courses at ETH? Check out the Sustainability Course Catalogueprovided by ETH Sustainability, that connects your courses with the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

10 Key Points from the last IPCC Report

A nice summary by Swiss Youth for Climate that highlights the key takeaways from the last IPCC report.

ETH Airtravel Emissions

Are you curious about airtravel emissions at ETH? The Air Travel Emissions Dashboard allows you have a look at the data!

Our Accomplishements in 2022

(click on the picture to open the document)
As a commission dedicated to promoting sustainability at ETH Zurich, we strive to be the first point of contact for all ETH students who have an interest in sustainability. 
Our efforts include the collaboration with various organizations and departments to advance sustainability practices on campus, organization of events such as the mirror COP27 and supporting events such as the Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich. 
Last but not least, we are keen to support any innovative sustainability projects. 
We hope this report highlights the various progress we have been part of and inspires continued action towards a more sustainable future.

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