Our Team


The Communication Team is responsible for making our work at SSC known to students and staff at ETH. This means designing posters, creating Insta posts, writing a regular newsletter, keeping the website up to date... Being visible and attractive online and on campus is crucial. We aim to make sustainability a core value at ETH and encourage good green habits in everyday routines.


Our President is the glue in our team. They make sure everyone works together and we don't lose the sight of our goals. They work hard on so many task and represent us when interacting with other organisations. If we need someone to take the lead and make good decisions they are always here for us.


Our Events Team is an enthusiastic bunch who put their heads together every week to brainstorm and organize both social and intellectual events. Cooking classes, hiking trips, movie screenings, talks, book readings... the formats are diverse! The regular SSC beer is a favourite for newcomers – join us for a (non) alcoholic drink to share your thoughts and ideas or simply to meet new friends with the same green values.


What we call the Coordination Team is essentially our vice-president. S*he is responsible for keeping SSC running smoothly, i.e. scheduling board meetings, taking care of administrative duties and organizing internal social events, such as the Vegan Summer Barbeque or the SSC Retreat every semester.


The Development Team is the core engine of SSC when it comes to catalysing institutional change at ETH. Hot topics are chosen according to the interests of each team member. Currently, we emphasize flight reduction, divestment and food. We work closely with the official office ETH Sustainability, are in frequent contact with various ETH bodies (e.g. ETH Mobility Platform, SGU, Environmental Commission...) and keep developing our network with research institutions (e.g. World Food Systems Center), ETH spinoffs (e.g. myclimate) and other Swiss student organizations (e.g. VSS-VSN).


Money, money, money... Yes, SSC also has a budget that wants to be taken care of. Currently, we are funded by VSETH. If, however, you have skills in managing external relations and want to increase our apéro budget, feel free to take on this role and reach out to potential sponsors!