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Are you interested in joining us? We would be delighted to have you! You can contact us at and we’ll invite you to our next meeting or SSC beer, held every last Thursday of the month, so you can quickly become a part of our community. 💚

In the meantime, please take a look at our Charter to ensure that our values align with yours. You can also explore our Organizational Chart, browse through some of our previous projects, read our annual report, and sign up for our newsletter below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

And if you just wanna pitch in occasionally, we always need help! Simply join our Slack Workspace and join the #Helpers-Pool channel:)

👨‍💻 Open Positions 👩‍💻

We welcome everyone to join our community, regardless of whether you’re interested in any of the following roles or not. However, if you’re looking to take on a specific role, we would especially appreciate help in the following areas:


Role & Responsibilities


Sustainability Content Creator

Do you like to write, or imagine new ways to reach people about sustainability? Then this position is for you! There is no fixed framework, you can really go all-in with your creativity. Examples include:

  • Writing a blog post for Veganuary
  • Setting up SSC’s own magazine
  • Creating small posts for the UN Observance Days linked to climate
  • Writing entries for the Polykum on behalf of SSC
  • And any other creative outlets you might want to pursue!.

 If you are interested, reach out to 


Events Team Coordinator (starting February 2024): 

Your role is to motivate and support your team to organize events around sustainability for students at ETH 😀

Main tasks:

  • Attend board meetings once a month; 
  • Schedule meetings for the events team on a regular basis (every 2 weeks), moderate them, keep everyone updated;
  • Make sure the work is done and no one is overloaded 🙂
  • Keep an overview of the events and deadlines;
  • Organize a brainstorming session before the semester starts (or at the end of the semester for the next one) to build a list of events with leaders;
  • Welcome new members 💚

More details here.



You will participate in defining what events will be organized in the future. You can support current members in the organization of their events, or even organize one yourself! (With the support of current members, of course) This entails (eg. for a talk) choosing a topic and reaching out to a speaker; or (eg. for a movie screening) choosing a movie and taking care of the screening logistics. You can go as small or as big (eg. a sustainable career fair!) as you’d like.

If you are interested, reach out to 🙂



Are you aware of your surroundings? Do you like to network? Then help us maintain our network of sustainability initiatives! You will:

  • Keep track of existing sustainability initiatives;
  • Help organize the Sustainability Summit, a networking event for everyone interested in or already involved in such initiatives

If you are interested, reach out to 🙂


Contact us!

  •  for general inquiries
  •  to reach our Events team
  •  to reach our University Development team
  •  to reach our Communication team
  •  to reach our Outreach team



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